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ZylSoft.Gps.Map Namespace

ZylMap.NET is an interactiv map control to display GPS positions on Google Maps or Open Street Map, with more features.
Public classCode exampleCircle Circle class.
Public classFillStyle Fill style class (polygons). You can set color, opacity.
Public classFontStyle Font style class. You can set font color.
Public classGeocoding Geocoding class.
Public classMap Map class for WinForms. For .NET 4.5 or later WebView2 runtime required:
Public classMapException Implements Map exception class.
Public classMarker Marker class.
Public classMarkerEventArgs Provides data for the MArkerClicked and MarkerDoubleClicked events.
Public classPath Path class (polyline between more positions).
Public classRectangle Rectangle class.
Public classStrokeStyle Stroke style class. You can set color, opacity, weight.
Public enumerationMapProvider Map provider.
Public enumerationMapType Google map type.
Public enumerationPathType Path type (polyline / polygon).