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Map Class

Map class for WinForms. For .NET 4.5 or later WebView2 runtime required:
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: ZylSoft.Gps.Map
Assembly: ZylMap (in ZylMap.dll) Version: (
public class Map : WebView2

The Map type exposes the following members.

Public methodMap Constructor.
Public propertyStatic memberApiKey Google maps API key.
Public propertyCenterPosition Center position coordinates.
Public propertyCenterPositionMarker Marker for the center position.
Public propertyCircles Circles to be shown on the map as polylines.
Public propertyMapProvider Map provider.
Public propertyMapType Google maps type.
Public propertyMapTypeControl Show / hide map type control tabs.
Public propertyMarkers List of markers to be shown on the map without center position.
Public propertyPaths Paths to be shown on the map as polylines.
Public propertyRectangles Rectangles to be shown on the map as polylines.
Public propertyShowPointsOfInterest Display or hide points of interest.
Public propertyStreetViewControl Show / hide street view button.
Public propertyStatic memberUnlockKey Unlock key.
Public propertyZoom Zoom level.
Public propertyZoomControl Show / hide zoom control buttons.
Public methodDrawMap Displays the map.
Protected methodOnMapCenterChanged Raises the MApCenterChanged event.
Protected methodOnMapClicked Raises the MapClicked event.
Protected methodOnMapDoubleClicked Raises the MapDoubleClicked event.
Protected methodOnMapMouseMoved Raises the MapMouseMoved event.
Protected methodOnMapMouseOut Raises the MapMouseOut event.
Protected methodOnMapMouseOver Raises the MapMouseOver event.
Protected methodOnMapRightClicked Raises the MapRightClicked event.
Protected methodOnMapZoomChanged Raises the MapZoomChanged event.
Public methodRefreshMap Refreshes the map.
Public methodSaveMapToHtml Saves the current map to html file.
Public methodSaveMapToImage Saves the current map to image file.
Public eventMapCenterChanged Occurs when the center of the map has changed.
Public eventMapClicked Occurs when the map is clicked.
Public eventMapDoubleClicked Occurs when the map is double clicked.
Public eventMapMouseMoved Occurs when the mouse moves over the map.
Public eventMapMouseOut Occurs when the mouse leaves the map.
Public eventMapMouseOver Occurs when the mouse enters the map.
Public eventMapRightClicked Occurs when the map is right clicked.
Public eventMapZoomChanged Occurs when the zoom level of the map has changed.
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