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Marker Class

Marker class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: ZylSoft.Gps.Map
Assembly: ZylMap (in ZylMap.dll) Version: (
public class Marker

The Marker type exposes the following members.

Public methodMarker Constructor.
Public propertyDraggable To allow users to drag a marker to a different location on the map, set this property to true.
Public propertyCode exampleIcon Custom marker icon. Leave it blank for default icon.
Public propertyLabel Label of the marker.
Public propertyName Name of the marker. Must be unique!
Public propertyPopup Popup for the marker.
Public propertyPopupFontStyle Font style of the popup.
Public propertyPosition Position of the marker.
Public propertyTextObsolete.
Obsolete. Use Label instead.
Public propertyTextWidthObsolete.
Public propertyTitle Title (tooltip) of the marker hover.
Public propertyVisible Indicates if the marker is visible.
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Public eventMarkerClicked Occurs when the marker is clicked.
Public eventMarkerDoubleClicked Occurs when the marker is double clicked.
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