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SerialParityBits Enumeration

Parity bits enumeration type. An optional parity bit follows the data bits in the character frame. The parity bit, if present, also follows inverted logic: read 1 for negative voltage and 0 for positive voltage. This bit is included as a simple means of error checking. The idea is this: you specify ahead of time whether the parity of the transmission is to be even or odd. Suppose the parity is chosen to be odd. The transmitter will then set the parity bit in such a way as to make an odd number of 1's among the data bits and the parity bit.

Namespace: ZylSoft.Gps
Assembly: ZylGpsReceiver (in ZylGpsReceiver.dll) Version: 3.28.8737.22596
XMLNS for XAML: Not mapped to an xmlns.
public enum SerialParityBits
Member nameValueDescription
None0 No parity.
Odd1 Odd.
Even2 Even.
Mark3 Mark.
Space4 Space.
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