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SerialDataWidth Enumeration

Data bits enumeration type (ByteSize). Data bits are transmitted "upside down and backwards." Inverted logic is used and the order of transmission is from least significant bit (LSB) to most significant bit (MSB). To interpret the data bits in a character frame, you must read from right to left, and read 1 for negative voltage and 0 for positive voltage.

Namespace: ZylSoft.Gps
Assembly: ZylGpsReceiver (in ZylGpsReceiver.dll) Version: 3.28.8737.22596
XMLNS for XAML: Not mapped to an xmlns.
public enum SerialDataWidth
Member nameValueDescription
Dw5Bits5 5 bits.
Dw6Bits6 6 bits.
Dw7Bits7 7 bits.
Dw8Bits8 8 bits.
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