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BaseGpsReceiver Properties

The BaseGpsReceiver type exposes the following members.

Public propertyActiveRoute The active route.
Protected propertyCanRaiseEventsGets a value indicating whether the component can raise an event.
(Inherited from Component)
Public propertyContainerGets the IContainer that contains the Component.
(Inherited from Component)
Protected propertyDesignModeGets a value that indicates whether the Component is currently in design mode.
(Inherited from Component)
Protected propertyEventsGets the list of event handlers that are attached to this Component.
(Inherited from Component)
Public propertyForceChecksum Enable or ignore checksum checking for NMEA sentences. When this property is true, all the sentences which checksum is not correct will be ignored.
Public propertyLogDateTime When this property is true, a date-time stamp will be added before each logged NMEA sentence.
Public propertyLogFile Name and path of the NMEA log file.
Public propertyLogNmea Enables or disables NMEA logging. If you enable it, all the valid NMEA sentences will be logged to the LogFile.
Public propertyNavigationInfo Returns information about the active route.
Public propertyNmeaSentencePrefix NMEA sentence prefix. Default value: "$"
Public propertyNmeaSentences Accepted NMEA sentences.
Public propertyNmeaSentenceTerminator NMEA sentence terminator. Default value: ((char)13(char)10)
Public propertyNmeaSentenceTerminator2 Second NMEA sentence terminator. Default value: ((char)13) It is used, if NmeaSentenceTerminator is not found in the sentence.
Public propertyPosition Contains the current position data.
Public propertyReceiverStatus Returns status info of the GPS receiver unit.
Public propertySatelliteTypes Accepted satellites.
Public propertySiteGets or sets the ISite of the Component.
(Inherited from Component)
Public propertyTrack The current track.
Public propertyStatic memberUnlockKey Unlock key.
Public propertyWaypoints List of waypoints (List of Waypoint objects).
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