SerialBaudRate Enumeration

ZylGpsReceiver.NET Mobile
Baud rate enumeration type. It's the measure of how fast data is moving between instruments that use serial communication. RS-232 uses only two voltage states, called MARK and SPACE. In such a two-state coding scheme, the baud rate is identical to the maximum number of bits of information, including "control" bits, that are transmitted per second.

Namespace:  ZylSoft.Gps.Mobile
Assembly:  ZylGpsReceiverMobile (in ZylGpsReceiverMobile.dll) Version: 3.14.6846.29005

public enum SerialBaudRate

  Member nameValueDescription
Br00007575 75 bps.
Br000110110 110 bps.
Br000134134 134 bps.
Br000150150 150 bps.
Br000300300 300 bps.
Br000600600 600 bps.
Br0012001200 1200 bps.
Br0018001800 1800 bps.
Br0024002400 2400 bps.
Br0048004800 4800 bps.
Br0072007200 7200 bps.
Br0096009600 9600 bps.
Br01440014400 14400 bps.
Br01920019200 19200 bps.
Br03840038400 38400 bps.
Br05760057600 57600 bps.
Br115200115200 115200 bps.
Br128000128000 128000 bps.
Br230400230400 230400 bps.
Br256000256000 256000 bps.
Br460800460800 460800 bps.
Br921600921600 921600 bps.
Custom0 CustomBaudRate will be used.
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