SerialStopBits Enumeration

ZylGpsReceiver.NET Mobile
Stop bits enumeration type. The last part of a character frame consists of 1, 1.5, or 2 stop bits. These bits are always represented by a negative voltage. If no further characters are transmitted, the line stays in the negative (MARK) condition. The transmission of the next character frame, if any, is heralded by a start bit of positive (SPACE) voltage.

Namespace:  ZylSoft.Gps.Mobile
Assembly:  ZylGpsReceiverMobile (in ZylGpsReceiverMobile.dll) Version: 3.14.6846.29005

public enum SerialStopBits

  Member nameValueDescription
Sb1Bit0 1 stop bit.
Sb1_5Bits1 1.5 stop bits.
Sb2Bits2 2 stop bits.
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