NmeaSentences Enumeration

ZylGpsReceiver.NET Mobile
NMEA sentences.

Namespace:  ZylSoft.Gps.Mobile
Assembly:  ZylGpsReceiverMobile (in ZylGpsReceiverMobile.dll) Version: 3.14.6846.29005

public enum NmeaSentences

  Member nameValueDescription
All0 Any NMEA sentence.
GPAAM1 Waypoint Arrival Alarm.
GPBWC2 Bearing and Distance to Waypoint, Great Circle.
GPGGA4 Global Positioning System Fix Data.
GPGLL8 Geographic position, latitude / longitude.
GPMSS16 Beacon Receiver Status.
GPRMB32 Recommended minimum navigation information (sent by nav. receiver when a destination waypoint is active) .
GPRMC64 Recommended minimum specific GPS/TRANSIT data.
GPGSA128 GPS DOP and Active Satellites.
GPGSV256 GPS Satellites in View.
GPVTG512 Track Made Good and Ground Speed.
GPZDA1024 UTC Date / Time and Local Time Zone Offset.
GPWPL2048 Waypoint location.
GPRTE4096 Routes.
GPXTE8192 Cross-track error, measured.
GPHDT16384 Heading, True.
GPHDM32768 Heading, Magnetic.
GPHDG65536 Magnetic deviation and variation for calculating magnetic or true heading.
GPGNS131072 Fixes data for single or combined (GPS, GLONASS, possible future satellite systems, and systems combining these) satellite navigation systems.
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