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ErrorEventArgs Class

ErrorEventArgs class.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ZylSoft.Media
Assembly:  ZylBurner (in ZylBurner.dll) Version: 1.14.8015.18472
public class ErrorEventArgs : EventArgs

The ErrorEventArgs type exposes the following members.

Public methodErrorEventArgs
Public propertyErrorCode
Error code -3 Image file not found. -2 Invalid drive letter. -1 NeroCmdLocation is wrong. Nero is not installed or NeroCmdLocation initialization has failed. 0 Ok. Successful operation. 1 Bad usage! 2 Internal error! 3 NEROAPI.DLL was not found! 4 Serial number was not found! 5 Serial number is invalid! 6 No CD was inserted! 7 CDRW is not supported! 8 There was an error erasing CDRW! 9 There was an error obtaining a list of available drives! 10 Drive name is missing! 11 There was an error while trying to access the drive! 12 Drive was not found! 13 Unknown CD format! 14 Invalid drive! 15 Burn process failed! 16 Function was not allowed! 17 Drive was not allowed! 18 There was an error obtaining CD info! 19 Track was not found! 20 File type is unknown! 21 Digital audio extraction failed! 22 There was an error openning the file! 23 Out of memory! 24 Error determining the length of input file! 25 Eject/Load failed! 26 Invalid session number to import! 27 Failed to create ISO track! 28 Specified file was not found! 29 Unknown error. 30 User aborted! 31 Demo version has expired! 32 Bad message file
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