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Shut Down Expert



"Excellent program, I spent weeks looking for it with Google.
Found it on PCMag.
Many programs do a Shut Down, but yours is the only usable one
that does a Wake Up."
Brian L. - USA

"I bought Shut Down Expert today and it is great!".
Ian M. - UK

That's IT!!! Whatever you did - it worked! Thanks! Will purchase it
tonight! This is one of the nicer programs I've seen - Great Job - Hope you continue
to offer it and improve it!
Gregg S. - USA

"Yes!!! Good, you did it. As I told, I am buying your
software right now via shareit.
Thank you."

Pavel K. - Czeh Rep.

"It's a GREAT program. I use it on several computers on
my home network, particularly on the file server. I use it to run various
maintenance programs at night, to restart Windows, which keeps things
running very smoothly, and I use it to send the server into hibernation,
which also saves money."
Mark O. - USA

"Let me start out by praising SDE. SDE has one of the most intuitively easy to use and comprehend user interfaces I have encountered. The "Help" section is very comprehensive, covering any and all options and setups available and providing useful examples. SDE has been a Godsend for myself as I have health/physical handicaps. These consume inordinate amounts of my time and prevent me from spending as much time performing tasks as I would like to."
Joseph H. - U.S.A.

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Shut Down Expert - Mobile Client PPE

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Shut Down Expert 5.20
Task scheduler and power saving tool

As computers take on more and more automated tasks, they seem to spend more and more time fully powered on. In many cases personal computers are left running all the day just to execute some tasks that the computer may do during non-working hours.
Allowing a computer to go into standby or hibernation and then waking it up as needed is a much smarter option. Certainly there are tasks that require the computer to be always on, but for other tasks there is often a better method, which helps you to save power and reduce the level of noise.

ShutDown Expert is an extremely powerful, flexible and reliable task scheduler and power saving tool that takes automated PC management to a new level. Not only can you control basic power management functions of your PC, but also do a lot more thanks to its powerful task scheduler, that's why 3d2f.com editors have called the program the most promising in its class.

Standby mode is energy conserving, because your entire computer switches to a low-power state. Devices, such as the monitor and hard disks, turn off and your computer uses less power. It's easy to return to work, because Standby leaves applications and files open on your desktop Standby is not appropriate for long term use and it has one important limitation: everything is in memory, not yet saved to the hard drive.

Hibernate mode writes an image of what you're currently working on to a special file on your hard drive, and then shuts your computer almost completely off. It takes a bit longer than Standby, since it needs to write to your hard drive. Hibernate also takes a bit longer to resume, since you must go through essentially the normal boot process, although in Windows XP your computer wakes faster from Hibernate than in previous versions of Windows. The advantage is that you can leave your laptop in Hibernate mode for days without any ill effect. When you start it back up, you'll see everything exactly as you left it. Hibernate is the perfect mode for shutting down for the night or even the week-end.

Power consumption chart
Computer state Consumption
Powered On 100%
Powered On, but Monitor Off 60%
Standby 35%
Hibernation 1%
Powered Off 0.5%

Shut Down Expert is designed to resolve these problems of your computer. It supports more type of tasks.

Turn Off
Turns the computer off.
Turn On
Hibernates the computer immediately and turns it on at the specified time.
Restarts the computer.
Log Off
Logs the current user off.
Lock Computer Locks the computer.
Block Input Blocks all the input.
Unblock Input Unblocks the input.
Turn Off Monitor
Turns the display off.
Screen Saver
Turns the screen saver on.
Goes in standby.
Hibernates the computer.
Wake Up
Wakes the computer up from Hibernation, Standby, Monitor Off and Screen Saver modes.
Wakes a computer up from LAN or through the Internet.
Start Application
Executes (runs) an application.
Close Application
Closes (stops) an application.
Defragments a hard drive partition.
Empty Recycle Bin
Clears the Recycle Bin.
Empty Clipboard
Clears the clipboard.
Eject CD-ROM
Ejects the specified CD-ROM device.
Close CD-ROM
Closes the specified CD-ROM device.
Capture Screen
Captures the screen to bitmap.
Message alert.
Beep alert.
Sound alert.
Sound Off
Disables the sound.
Sound On
Enables the sound.
Send Message
Sends a message over the network.
Downloads a file.
Keyboard tasks Emulates keystrokes for applications.
Custom tasks
User defined tasks.

Remark on Turn On and Wake Up tasks:
Some PCs can wake up from standby and cannot from hibernation, some of them can do both or neither. It all depends on BIOS and APM/ACPI capabilities, your motherboard, and your ATX power supply version.
Windows 2008/7/8/10/11: To enable wake up - > go to Control Panel/All Control Panel Items/Power Options/Edit Plan Settings -> Click on "Change Advance Power Setting", expand Sleep in the tree to enable "Allow Wake Timers" both "On battery" and "Plugged in".

Most of tasks work also when the user is not logged in, because it uses a background service, which processes the tasks when no user is logged in. (only on Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10/11)

You can also schedule remote tasks on remote PCs if your IP address is set as a server on the remote PC.

At the execution time settings you can choose between more options:

- you can specify exactly the date and time of the task's execution (At...)
- you can specify an interval of time relative to a specified date and time (From...In...)
- you can specify an interval of time relative to the current time (In...)
- you can specify a task that will be executed immediately in that moment (Now)
- you can specify a time (minute and second) when a task will be executed hourly (Hourly)
- you can specify a time when a task will be executed daily, choosing the preferred days (Daily)
- you can specify a time when a task will be executed in the preferred workdays (Workdays)
- you can specify a time when a task will be executed in the preferred week-end days (Week-end Days)
- you can specify a time and day when a task will be executed weekly (Weekly)
- you can specify a time and days when a task will be executed monthly (Monthly)
- you can specify a time and date when a task will be executed yearly (Yearly)

The settings will be available after a power failure or a restart of the computer too.

You can specify more tasks in the same time and they will be executed in the order of the time specification.
The application will monitor the usage of the CPU and the lifetime of the battery and will show them in charts. This is a very useful feature for portable computers.

You can define keyboard tasks for your applications. If you want to emulate the pressing of some key or key combinations for an application then this tool is very good for you.

You can define your custom tasks, for this you need to specify a task name, a DLL file name/path and a method name, which contains the task-logic. In this way you can write your own task handlers inside a DLL and register them in Shut Down Expert. You can find an example of custom task handler in the Shut Down Expert SDK.

Shut Down Expert supports DCD infrared remote control receivers through WinLirc. In this way you can control your computer through any remote control.

Other features:
The application contains a Hot Key Manager module to manage system - wide hot keys. In this way you can define global hot keys for tasks.

The application contains a smart Startup Manager module to manage the applications that start with the operating system.

The application contains a Wake-up Manager module to manage the applications that will start after the system is waked up (resumed).

The application contains an Application Manager module to manage the applications that are running in the memory.

The application contains an Idle Time Manager module for managing your idle time and to save power. Here you can set your computer to turns itself off or hibernates after some minutes of user inactivity. (Available only for Windows 2000 or later).

With this application you can set your Windows to automatically log on to your account without every time asking for authentication (not available for Windows Vista and later).

The software provides multi - language support. You can integrate your own language file, creating a text file with "lng" extension which will be automatically detected by the program after you copied it in the "Language" directory.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10/11
License: Shareware
Trial version limitations: Expires after 30 days.
1. Close Shut Down Expert if it is running: from the tray bar - right click/Exit - or from the main menu - File/Exit - (only if you have an earlier version installed, otherwise skip this step)
2. Uninstall the current version and restart the computer - Control Panel/Add-Remove programs (only if you have an earlier version installed, otherwise skip this step)
3. Reinstall the new version running the setup file.
4. Register it (menu: Help/Register), if necessary.

SdeCmd is a command line interpreter for Shut Down Expert. You can use this utility to schedule Shut Down Expert tasks simply from command prompt or from a batch file. SdeCmd will work only with a fully installed Shut Down Expert.

General usage:
--task <task_name> [--param <param_name>] [--at <date_time>] [--in <interval_seconds>] [--daily <time>] [--idle <interval_minutes>] [--target <target_comp>] [--password <password>]

Shut Down Expert - Mobile Client PPE is a client application for Shut Down Expert, designed to run on Pocket PC devices with Windows Mobile 5 or later.

Shut Down Expert - Mobile Client SPE is a client application for Shut Down Expert, designed to run on Smart Phone devices with Windows Mobile 5 or later.

With these applications you can schedule remote tasks from your Pocket PC/Smart Phone on a desktop or laptop pc with Shut Down Expert installed, through a bluetooth / IrDA connection. Now you can transform your Pocket PC in a powerful remote control.

Shut Down Expert SDK:
SDEController is a free Delphi / C++Builder component, designed for software developers, to integrate Shut Down Expert in their applications.
Use SDEController component to easily schedule Shut Down Expert tasks from your application.
SDEController Delphi / C++Builder component was created as an independent part of Shut Down Expert SDK, whose purpose is to help integrating Shut Down Expert in other applications.

What's new:
- Windows 11 support
- AC power failure notification
- Windows 10 support
- Windows 8 support
- new yearly time setting feature
- new monthly time setting features
- improved remote intercommunication
- now you can change the default Shut Down Expert intercommunication port (not recommended, but sometimes useful)
- now you can define your week-end days
- tasks which are executed only in week-en are marked with red in the Schedule list
- better Vista UAC compatibility
- wake up on Vista - fixed
- now you can select the preferred days for daily tasks
- Windows Vista support - please note that for some features, like "Autologon" or "Disable Task Manager" you have to run it as administrator (elevated). Do not set Shut Down Expert to run permanently as administrator, otherwise it will be blocked at startup by Windows Defender.
- Wake-up Manager -
manage the applications that will start after the system is waked up (resumed).
- now you can transform your Pocket PC/Smart Phone in a powerful remote control, using Shut Down Expert - Mobile Client
- auto update notification
- new remote task communication protocol
- delay startup applications with a number of seconds
- send private messages to other Shut Down Expert users
- wake up remote computers through the Internet
- custom task support
- grouping possibilities for client computers, in this way you can schedule remote tasks on more remote computers in the same time
- new command line interpreter to schedule tasks from command line or batch file
- support for Shut Down Expert SDK, to integrate Shut Down Expert in user applications
- some bug fixings and improvements

You can freely use this program within 30 days from the date of installation. A necessary condition of the further usage of Shut Down Expert is the registration of this product.
One license of Shut Down Expert is available for one computer. You can check the volume discount prices in the table below:

Shut Down Expert
Product ID: 185568
No. of licenses Unit Price
1 - 3 $20.99   -
4 - 9 $19.94   5%
10 - 24
$18.89   10%
25 - 49 $17.84   15%
50 - 99 $16.79   20%
100 - 199 $14.69   30%
200 - 349 $12.59   40%
350 - 549 $10.50   50%
550 - 999 $8.40   60%
1000 or more $6.30   70%
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- All orders are final, so please assure that you buy what you need, checking the fully functional trial version first!

The license key is delivered by e-mail.
Once you register Shut Down Expert all future upgrades will be free!
In accordance with the extension of Shut Down Expert's functions we shall increase the price of registration. Therefore register it right now!

If you buy more licenses, you can ask for a license file integrated in the installation setup, to install the application easier on more computers.

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