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ZylSerialPort.NET 1.84
.NET Component Library

ZylSerialPort.NET is a thread based, event driven, asynchronous / synchronous serial port .NET component library.
Use ZylSerialPort.NET component to easily communicate with external devices on serial port connection, such as modems, bar code readers, GSM modules and others.

You can use it also with USB, IrDA and Bluetooth devices, because these devices have a driver that redirects the input from the USB, IrDA or Bluetooth port to a virtual serial port (you can check it in System/Device Manager/Ports). If your USB device is not provided with such a driver, then use a USB controller whose vendor provides a virtual serial port driver, such as FTDI or use a USB/RS-232 adapter.
If the connection is interrupted, you can set to auto-reconnect when the device is available again.

ZylSerialPort.NET is written 100% in C# using .Net framework and API calls.
It solves the problems the .NET System.IO.Ports.SerialPort implementation has, like unplugged USB devices, automatic reconnect, ObjectDisposedException, etc. It's not a clone of the .NET SerialPort class, it was released in 2004, one year before System.IO.Ports.SerialPort was launched with the .NET Framework 2.0 in 2005, but it's usage is very similar.

The demo version is fully functional, but it displays a nag dialog (the licensed version will, of course, not have a nag dialog). The package includes demo programs for C# and VB.NET for Visual Studio 2013, 2017, 2019, 2022, Winforms and WPF. A help file is also included or you can use the online documentation.

Supported Operating Systems:
Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10/11
Available for: .NET Framework 2.0 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 3.5 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 4.0 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 4.6 (demos: VS 2017), .NET Standard 2.0 (demos: VS 2017), .NET Framework 4.8 (demos: VS 2019), .NET Core (through .NET Standard), .NET Framework 5.0 (demos: VS 2019), .NET Framework 6.0 (demos: VS 2022), .NET Framework 7.0 (demos: VS 2022), .NET Framework 8.0 (demos: VS 2022)
(contact us, if you need another combination)
Requierments: .NET Framework

Add a reference to the dll from your project and declare an object of the component type in your application.
If you want to install it on the toolbox, click here.

Help file:
If you can't open the help file:
-right-click on the documentation.chm file to get the properties
-on the bottom it says: “This file came form another computer....”
-push “Unblock” next to this text
-now the help.chm files opens as all other help files

What's new :

ver. 1.84
.NET 8.0 support

ver. 1.83
new property: IdleTimeoutInterval
new event: IdleTimeout

ver. 1.82
.NET 7.0 support

ver. 1.81
new event: Reconnecting
new method: IntToSerialCommPort
.NET 6.0 support

ver. 1.80
new method SetFaulted
SetDtr, SetRts, SetXonXoff, SetBreak fix, when port is closed
new endCharsFound out param for method ReadStringUpToEndChars
small fixes

ver. 1.79
.NET fw. 5.0 support

ver. 1.78
TestDevice fix, when AutoReceive is true
new method: ResetIdleState

ver. 1.77
new ReadStringUpToEndChars method with timedout parameter
new method: TestDevice
.NET fw. 4.8 support
Read methods timeout parameter is now in milliseconds, instead of seconds.
full support for .NET Standard 2.1 and .NET Core 3.0 through .NET Standard

ver. 1.76
ReadStringUpToEndChars improvment
ReadChars improvment
ReadBytes improvment
InsertControlCharacters fix
new conversion methods: StringToDecimalString, StringToHexaString
new methods: GetCommPortDescription
Improved documentation

ver. 1.75
fault detection optimization, when CloseWhenLineStatusIsZero is true
small fixes
improved documentation

ver. 1.74
support for more COM ports - 512
GetAvailableInputBufferSize fix

ver. 1.73
eliminates Windows.Forms dependency
support for more COM ports - 400
AutoReconnect - small fix

ver. 1.72
optimized ReadBytes() method
optimized disconnection time
fixes: DetectDevice
new type: SerialErrors
new event: Error
new property: PacketSize

ver. 1.71
fixes: ReadBytes()
fixes: set receviver and reconnect thread to background
fixes: ByteArrayToHexaString()
fixes: AsciiByteArrayToString() and StringToAsciiByteArray() now work with ANSI char set
Improved documentation

ver. 1.70
ReadBytes now returns byte array, instead of string. If you need string, use ReadChars.
New method: ReadChars
New method: GetAvailableOutputBufferSize
LogException methods made public.
New property: AutoReconnect, to reconnect automatically after faults.
New property: AutoReconnectCheckInterval
New property: ConnectionTime
Improved fault detection
New method: SendByteArray with offset parameter
New methods: SendCharArray
Minor bug fixes.
Improved documentation.
UnlockKey became static

ver. 1.69
.NET fw. 4.7 support
.NET fw. standard 2.0 support
New methods: DetectDevice
New event: Detecting
Improved documentation
Other minor bug fixes

ver. 1.68
Improved documentation.
Improved event synchronization.
New property: CloseWhenLineStatusIsZero
New Property: SkipSetupFailed
Improved fault detection
New overloaded method: public int SendByteArray(byte[] byteArray, int count)
Bug fixed for COM71-COM80, COM171-COM180 usage
Other minor bug fixes

ver. 1.67
new log feature
new methods to check if port is available or busy

ver. 1.66
new event Idle
new event Resumed
new event Faulted

ZylSerialPort.NET - .NET Component
License comparision
Benefits Single Developer License Single Developer License with Source Code Site License
no nag screen
royalty free
number of developers 1 1 unlimited
source code included  
free support by e-mail
free upgrade on request 1.5 years 1.5 years 1.5 years
  $79.99   $199.99   $319.99  
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