How to install a .net component in Visual Studio?


I. The fastest way to use it is to add a reference to the dll from your project and declare an object of the component type in your application.

II. If you want to install it permanently in the toolbox, follow the steps below:

1st step: Right click on Component Toolbox and select "Choose Items" ("Add/Remove Items" in Visual Studio 2003 or earlier).

2nd step: Press the Browse button on the dialog that appears.

3rd step: Find the dll of the component and press Open.

4th step: The component appears in the list. Press Ok.

5th step: The new installed component appear in the Component Toolbox.

Running the demo applications:

To be able to run the demo applications delivered with the components, sometimes you need to set the (correct) reference to the component dll and save, close and reopen the solution in Visual Studio, if necessary.