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ZylIdleTimer.NET 1.42
.NET Component Library

ZylIdleTimer.NET is a .NET component library, which lets you to take actions after a specified system-wide (related to the whole system) or application-wide idle time or to check the time interval of user inactivity. It works with WinForms and WPF application too. It peeks at all user events for all applications, and cannot be limited to just your program. Any user activity, such as keyboard, mouse, or mouse-wheel in any application will be considered user activity and will reset the inactivity clock.
System Idle time is the time interval of full user inactivity. In this interval any user action is missing on the computer, like pressing a key of the keyboard or moving the mouse or pressing a mouse button or rotating the scroll.
Application Idle time is the time interval of user inactivity inside of one application. In this interval the user doesn't press a key of the keyboard or a mouse button inside of one window of the application.
Starting with .NET Framework 2.0, you have to use invoke, to modify user interface elements from the tick event.

ZylIdleTimer.NET is written 100% in C# using .Net framework and API calls.
The demo version is fully functional, but it displays a nag dialog (the licensed version will, of course, not have a nag dialog). The package includes demo programs for C# and VB.NET for Visual Studio 2013, 2017, 2019, 2022. A help file is also included.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Server2003/Vista/Server2008/7/8/Server2012/10/11
Available for: .NET Framework 2.0 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 3.5 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 4.0 (demos: VS 2013), .NET Framework 4.6 (demos: VS 2017), .NET Framework 4.8 (demos: VS 2019), .NET Standard 2.0 (demos: VS 2017), .NET Core (through .NET Standard), .NET Framework 5.0 (demos: VS 2019), .NET Framework 6.0 (demos: VS 2022), .NET Framework 7.0 (demos: VS 2022) , .NET Framework 8.0 (demos: VS 2022)
Requierments: .NET Framework

Add a reference to the dll from your project and declare an object of the component type in your application.
If you want to install it on the toolbox, click here.

Services - doesn't work in services, on Windows Vista or later (it works on Windows 2000/XP/2003)

What's new:
new class for WinForms application idle timer
new class for WPF application idle timer
property SystemInterval becomes IdleInterval
event SystemIdle becomes Idle
event SystemResume becomes Resume
new properties: IdleIntervalInSeconds, IdleIntervalInMinutes
new properties: WarningIntervalInSeconds, WarningIntervalInMinutes

ZylIdleTimer.NET - .NET Component
License comparision
Benefits Single Developer License Single Developer License with Source Code Site License
no nag screen
no IDE limitation
royalty free
number of developers 1 1 unlimited
source code included  
free support by e-mail
free upgrade on request 1.5 years 1.5 years 1.5 years
  $39.99   $99.99   $159.99  
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