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Child Protector Pro 1.16
Child protection tool

Child Protector Pro is a great new software, designed to limit your children's access to the computer.

Because the children of nowadays are very familiar with computers, it's very hard to create a software that can oblige them to respect a timetable defined by the parents. There are many things that must have in view, otherwise we can realize that your children find some tricky ways to dodge it.
We created a software for your silence, handling all the ways that your child can use to doge the timetable created by you. Some nice features are the following:
- timetable settings cannot be changed without entering the administrator password of the program (if you have no password, then it's indicated to set it as soon as possible)
- it cannot be closed, deleted or uninstalled without entering the administrator password of the program
- doesn't allow to change the system date / time
- you can define 3 time intervals for each day of the week, when your child's access to the computer is forbidden
- you can save different profiles to files and reload them each time when you need to change the timetable according to different parts of the year, like vacations, holidays, exams and so on.
- you can set the way how the program has to respond when your child is trying to use the computer in a forbidden time interval. You have more choices: turn off, hibernate, log off or block.
- you have the possibility to disable the protection, if you have activated it mistakenly, because before the program proceeds, there are 20 seconds to enter your password and disable it (not available for Windows Vista or later).

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003
License: Shareware
Trial version limitations: Timetable for Tuesday and Thursday cannot be set.

You can freely use this program within 20 days from the date of installation. A necessary condition of the further usage of Child Protector Pro is the registration of this product.
One license of Child Protector Pro is available for one computer. You can check the volume discount prices in the table below:

No. of licenses Unit Price
1 - 4 $39.99   -
5 - 9
$37.99   5%
10 - 49 $35.39   10%
50 or more $31.99   20%
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- Sales tax/VAT is not included in the prices above and it differs from country to country.
- All of our products are delivered via ESD (Electronic Software Delivery) only. After purchase you will receive a password protected download link for the full version and a license key by e-mail.
- All orders are final, so please assure that you buy what you need, checking the fully functional trial version first!

The product is delivered by e-mail.
Once you register Child Protector Pro all future upgrades will be free!
In accordance with the extension of Child Protector Pro's functions we shall increase the price of registration. Therefore register it right now!

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